40 Years of Music with Friar Tuck’s Restaurant


We are celebrating Jonathan Meredith’s 40th year of playing music at Friar Tuck’s Restaurant.  

In 1976, Meredith wandered into a new restaurant in town called Friar Tuck’s Restaurant.  It was a small bar back then but they had live music.  Meredith met Greg Cook, the owner, that night and said, “I want in.”

Meredith joined the team.  Cook’s vision of his bar had always included live music.  The small bar has since grown up around that.  It is now a full bar and restaurant, offering an extensive steak, seafood and fondue menu.  However, you will still find live music there 7 days a week.  Meredith is still a part of that, 40 years and counting.

Meredith was an instant hit when he started in 1976 and soon became an integral part of the restaurant.  He played music, he was a bartender, host and helped the owner with all kinds of odd jobs.  Meredith brought a flair and charm to the restaurant that really helped shape its personality.  Jonathan is the son of Burgess Meredith, a popular actor who starred as the penguin in the Batman TV series and as Mickey, Rocky’s manager in Rocky among other roles.
Check out our live music calendar to find out when he plays next.  Join us for an evening of food, drink, laughter and music!